Why Guardian?

Our products?  The best!
Our prices?  The best!
Our Service!  Better than the best! 
Fundraising takes so much time!  Our staff comes from many different non-profit industries and we know that your jobs are hard enough as it is.  You don't need to add hours of work of fundraising just to keep your job or do your job better.  LET GUARDIAN HELP!  All Guardian-exclusive fundraisers can be done 100% ONLINE, which means you won't have to collect a cent, tabulate a single brochure or do anything until our products and check arrive.  Welcome to the new generation of fundraising!  
Our staff handles all of the heavy lifting with our Guardian products and streamlines the process of working with some of our chosen food vendors.  Guardian can be your main point of contact and roll out a new fundraiser every month!  Our group leaders love what we do and we have increased every one of their profits in fundraising.  Our consulting services cost you nothing and your profit margins stay the same!
Come join us.  Our products are loved, our profits are huge, and we continue to expand into new product lines.  Streamline your fundraising process and let GUARDIAN DO IT ALL!