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Why Guardian?

Our staff is made up of group leaders who have invested countless hours providing great fundraisers for students and other non-profit groups.  We have seen what works and what doesn't.  Our goal is to provide products that are easy to sell and at fair prices.  Our experiences on both sides is invaluable as we work with you to plan a comprehensive fundraising plan for your entire year.  No other company in the industry works the way we do or has the success that we do!

Why Guardian?

Our Process

Each group is different.  Our experts will tailor fundraising packages focused on each group's individual needs and goals.  Our relationships with some of the largest brands and Guardian's exclusive brands are the finest in the industry.  

​Reach out to our staff to learn more about what we can do to help you reach your goals!

Our Process

Our Brands

Our goal is to help you raise as much money as possible! Guardian offers products such as food, electronics, household supplies, and much more!

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We use Guardian for their travel services, and we have now added fundraising. Their service is excellent and we look forward to making even more with them in the future!

Jacob M. Illinois

11K ON OUR FIRST FUNDRAISER! That's more than we made all of last year! GO GUARDIAN!

Laura S. Florida

We have now run two fundraisers through Guardian and we won't use anyone else. Their staff is awesome and knowledgeable. We hope to run 8 fundraisers this year and we love that Guardian can do all of them!

Sarah S. Texas

Trust Guardian.

Our Experience and knowledge is an invaluable resource in fundraising. Don't go it alone. Let the experts help you!

Ready to partner with Guardian?

We are excited to learn more about you and your program! Shoot us an email at to get started!

Are you here to support a fundraising group, but you don't have the group ID?

In order to view and purchase our products, you need to have the Group or Individual ID. Please reach out to your group leader or individual to get their code and specific weblink.


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