Online Fundraising Platform

Guardian wasn’t planning on joining the online donation platform game, but our clients asked for it.


Guardian supplies a phenomenal online platform for easy donations to your group.  The group leader will receive notifications of how the fundraiser is going and we can transfer funds incredibly quick!


The “other guy” charges three times as much and could charge more if you don’t meet your goal.  That’s crazy.  We’re here to provide a more affordable alternative! Can you imagine raising 10 grand and only receiving a fraction of it?  We can, because it happens, and we think it’s ridiculous! Use Guardian for your online donations!  Start raising in minutes with as many customizations as you need.


Guardian’s software is excellent, user friendly, and profitable for you!  Add pictures, videos, and messages to get your donators excited about what your group is raising funds for!  Donate directly from your phone and spread the word quickly by email and social media posts!  Raise more money with Guardian even more for your group!



We are excited to offer you this fine fundraiser!  Reach out to your favorite consultant or email us at