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This fundraiser is now closed! Thank you for supporting the Rains Jr. High Band!


Support the Rains Jr. High band by purchasing a custom Rains Logo tumbler or thermos. These custom logo items are available in either a tumbler option (30 oz) or a thermos (25 oz) option. For more details on each type of drinkware, please select the individual listings below. Students make $15 per tumbler/thermos sold.

Please familiarize yourself with the following important info:

Group Code To Enter At Checkout: You must know the ID of the student you wish to receive profit for your purchase (which will be First Initial, Last Name, and Rains - i.e. JDoeRains). If you are unsure of your student's ID, please contact the student from whom you'd like to receive profit credit for your purchase. You will not be able to checkout without the seller ID! 

Tumbler Sales Start Date: March 10th

Tumbler Sales End Date: March 31st, 3PM (all orders will not ship until AFTER this date)

SHIPPING NOTE: You can choose to have the tumbler shipped directly to you (SHIP TO HOME), or you can choose to pick it up at Rains Jr. High School (regular, less expensive listing).

The additional $3 for SHIP TO HOME tumblers/thermoses accounts for individual packaging materials. This price does not include economy shipping. We encourage you to select the regular listing and pick up from Rains Jr. High School if you are local!

Estimated Delivery: You can expect to receive your tumbler by the end of April. Your group leader (Mr. Derington: will have the most up-to-date shipping information! 

Tipping Note: Shopify just pushed through a new update that allows guests to leave tips upon checking out. These tips go to Guardian Fundraising (not the organization running the fundraiser). They are OPTIONAL and help Guardian offset credit card processing fees. You are NOT required to leave a tip! 

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