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Thank you for supporting the McLoughlin High School Choir! This fundraiser is now closed. Your items are expected to ship from Illinois on Wednesday, July 24th. 

Supporters with BULK shipping: the group leader (Ms. Cunnington) will have tracking information and will be sending correspondence regarding distribution.

Supporters with DIRECT shipping: if you left your email at checkout, you will be receiving an email with updated tracking info by Wednesday, July 24th (via either Pirate Ship or Shopify). If any of your items are missing/damaged, please reach out to (be sure to reference your Shopify order number, so that we can assist you quickly - we typically respond within 24 hours of any business day). 


We are offering our collection of Three Sisters Spices - an award winning selection of culinary spice blends to elevate your home cooking! Each spice blend is crafted at the conclusion of your fundraiser, so that all blends are packaged fresh! Add them to your favorite proteins, pastas, vegetables, and salads for maximum flavor and tasted. 

All of our spice blends are gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO. For a full list of ingredients, please visit to learn more! 

Fundraiser Details

Start Date: June 28th, 2024

End Date EXTENDED: July 19th, 2024, 3:00 PM

Instructions for Purchasing:

  1. Choose the spice blend that you would like to order. Please select the regular listing if you wish to have your item shipped in bulk to McLoughlin HS (free shipping). If you would like the convenience of having your spices shipped directly to you, find the "SHIP TO HOME" listing (which is $2 more expensive to cover packaging/label printing costs). Shipping costs will then be calculated at check out. 
  2. When you have selected all the blends you wish to purchase, complete the check out process by inputting your information. We will only need to collect your address if you opt for direct shipping. NOTE: we strongly recommend you include your email. We will ONLY send you emails regarding your order (and you will receive shipping notifications). If you leave your phone number, you will not be notified when your order ships! 
  3. Enter your seller ID. Without the proper code, we cannot award profit credit to the correct student! This code should be the student's first initial, last name, followed by MHSChoir (i.e. JDoeMHSChoir). If you are unsure of your student's code, please reach out to them! 
  4. Your product will ship at the conclusion of the fundraiser - regardless of which shipping method you choose. It typically takes us about two weeks to create the spice blends and ship them out! 
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