Collection: Dripping Springs MS Band Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting Dripping Springs MS Band! This fundraiser is now closed. These tumblers will enter production in the next week and be shipped out shortly after. 

Group Code To Enter At Checkout: DrippingSprings - you MUST enter this code at checkout. You will not be able to checkout unless you do so!

Tumbler Sales Start Date: February 14th

Tumbler Sales End Date: [Extended] March 8th, 3 PM (all orders will not ship until AFTER this date)

SHIPPING NOTE: You can choose to have the tumbler shipped directly to you (SHIP TO HOME), or you can choose to pick it up at Dripping Springs MS (regular, less expensive listing).

The additional $3 for SHIP TO HOME tumblers accounts for packaging/handling. This price does not include economy shipping. We encourage you to select the regular listing and pick up from Dripping Springs MS if you are local.

We ship all orders at the same time. We ask for your patience as we process, begin engraving, and ship these tumblers after the selling period closes. Your group director will have the most recent shipping updates, so please contact them for more info! The estimated delivery is for the middle of March. Thank you for your patience!

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