Bomb Bedding

Bomb Bedding's custom-made sheets sets and pillows have gone through a rigorous process resulting in incredibly high-quality and durable products that you will love!  We offer a variety of colors and sizes to meet your unique style.  These products retail for more than twice what you will pay and your organization will benefit as well!  Bomb Bedding offers sheet sets, extra pillowcases, and bamboo memory foam pillows.  This is a great yearly fundraiser to support your organization as new families come in and as current families love our product and will buy annually to have a color rotation.  
This fundraiser can be done online, have sales tracked by each participant, and shipped to the group for free or shipped to each family across the country.  This is a great fundraiser to share on your social media to get your neighbors, friends, and family across the country involved.  
If you are interested in starting this fundraiser, please contact your favorite consultant or email us at!


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